OS/2 for Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) 16 CPU/Core version 2.11 with Mathematica: 'Klein Bottle'

Mathematica for OS/2 2.11 on SMP: 'Klein Bottle'

As an addendum to my previous 'Mathematica on OS/2 Symmetrical Multiprocessing (SMP) for v2.11 Guest in VirtualBox 16 CPU/Cores' post in Collection Ixiptli, I remembered I had seen the so-called 'Klein Bottle' in an older manual I had many Metztli  ago.1

(Once the video player has started, right selecting (or 'clicking') your device (or 'mouse') will show menu option, 'Open video in new tab', which will enable larger screen size.)

1 Notwithstanding, at that time, the front window of my car was broken and my backpack was stolen in San Francisco as I had parked, on the street, next to San Francisco State University -- and I had that manual in there.

Klein Bottle rendered in Mathematica for OS/2

Jose   ,   Mar 13 / 05:15
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