Hacking an OS/2 2.1 Floppy Set or CDROM Into a Bootable CDROM Media / ISO Image

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Although IBM OS/2 3.x Warp and higher indigitalizations have been hacked into bootable CDROM media / ISO images, I believe this is the first OS/2 2.x which has been morphed into such an unique entity. The procedure was not easy -- and obviously not intuitive. The work required to make the cdboot hack complete the first phase of the OS/2 2.1 installation was substantial; and once I achieved it I thought that whatever else needed to be done would be easier. I was mistaken. I had to compile an utility to search and replace strings in the OS/2 2.1 CONFIG.SYS file at the end of the first phase of the OS/2 installation -- as I could not find an appropriate binary one in my extensive local collection of Hobbes CDROM media, etc., nor online at Hobbes site and/or elsewhere.

Had IBM released the OS/2 code as free and/or open source software (FOSS) instead of being so indifferent to the multiple petitions to do so (for instance those in which I personally took part at the OS2World site before I left the site for good -- as I had moved on to GNU/Linux Debian) the avaricious plutocrat Bill Gates' mediocre 'creation', backdoored software, idiotically named as a mundane household notion, would not have spread like the virus it emulates.
(work in progress)

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