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  • E21 / EFL 1.22.0 and Terminology 1.4.0 on VirtualBox 6.0.6 Metztli Reiser4 10GB Slice.

    Giving a preliminary spin to Terminology 1.4.0 and its support and/or lack thereof copy/paste Cyrillic, etc. characters. NOTE: As of Terminology version 1.4.99 (05-04-2019), it fully supports Cyrillic copy/pasting operations. Install locales (you need…More »
  • Xochiquetzal: fsck.reiser4 --fix ∙ Upgrading From Prior Reiser4 Software Format Release Number (SFRN).

    as I built VirtualBox 6.0.8 from source in my Debian -based AMD64 Metztli Reiser4 development environment, I came across pre- Linux kernel 4.14.x virtual machines which had been formatted in Software Format Release Number (SFRN) 4.0.1. It is important to remember reiser4 in the context of in Linux kernel 4.14...More »
  • Metztli Reiser4 on HP ProLiant DL325 Gen10 AMD Epyc 7351P 16-Cores 64GB RAM

    After using AMD Epyc-hearted beast with reiser4 I don't want to use anything Intel again! We aren’t for slowing down… To add some further icing to the cake then the AMD EPYC™ platform also offers significant performance benefits when the mitigations for the aforementioned Meltdown and Foreshadow threats are applied, namely AMD does not currently believe to be affected by them...More »
  • statfs(2) for Reiser4

    REISER4_SUPER_MAGIC 0x52345362 entry is missing in Debian, etc. *all* GNU / Linux's "man 2 statfs", /usr/include/linux/magic.h, coreutils' src/fs.h, libguestfs-1.40.2/gnulib/lib/fts.c, etc.More »
  • The Design of Reiser4

    The design and implementation of the reiser4 file system... Despite the name, this filesystem is written from scratch, although it inherited some features of its “ideological” predecessor – reiserfs. In addition to the traditional Linux fs functions, reiser4 features: transparent compression and encryption of files, full data journaling [], and almost unlimited extensibility, i.e. the ability to adapt to arbitrarily complex end user requirements. On modern machines equipped with fast processors and large amounts of RAM, data compression does not degrade, but on the contrary – increases the performance of the file system, because data conversion is performed relatively quickly, and the volume of disk traffic is reduced.More »
  • [PATCH] reiser4: prevent system lockups.

    Starting from Linux-4.15, VFS introduces optimizations, which are incompatible with Reiser4 (as well as with any FS possessing an advanced transaction manager)... The attached patch fixes lockups problem in reiser4 -enhanced Linux kernel(s).More »
  • "Er... Does anybody maintain reiser4 these days?"¹

    In Reiser5, i.e., Reiser4 Software Framework Release Number (SFRN) 5.1.3, scaling out is performed by file system means, rather than by block layer means. The flow of IO-requests issued against each device is controlled by user. To add a device to a logical volume with parallel scaling out, you first need to format that device -- this is the difference between parallel and non-parallel scaling at first glance. The principal difference between parallel and non-parallel scaling out will be discussed belowMore »